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Looking to join Bitcoin Wealth Alliance? Does the training actually work? Check out my Official Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Program Review & Bonus below for the “inside scoop”…

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance
Make Money with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Product Information

Hey Guys, My name is Alex Gates and today I wanted to take some time and share with you my Official Review of the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Course put together by Successful Investor Chris Dunn.

If you are interested in learning more about what exactly is included in this training program and whether or not its right for you… continue reading.

Product Creator Introduction – Meet Chris Dunn

Chris Dunn BitcoinAfter buying lots of training/coaching products over the years I have learned that one of the most important things to always consider before making a purchase, is the creator of the product. Ideally they need to; 1. Have a Good Reputation amongst their Customers/Followers and 2. Practice what they Preach.

So many so-called “gurus” in the circles of Investing, Making Money Online and Trading… unfortunately make the bulk of their money selling you products or doing something else entirely… rather than actually “practicing what they preach”.

If you buy a product on trading currencies for instant… you want to make sure that the creator actually makes lots of money trading currencies not just selling you investing products.

That stated… the creator of the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Program, Chris Dunn is absolutely the “real deal”.

Chris Dunn actually makes LOTS of money with Bitcoin himself and is very open and transparent with his customers, not just some “mystery dude” hiding behind the digital curtain.

Chris runs his blog + Social Media Accounts on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter where he shares his personal adventures consisting of; traveling the World with his wife, trading stocks, commodities and bitcoin and teaching his thousands of coaching students around the World.

The Basics – What exactly does the product include?

The Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Training Program includes a series of 20 exclusive bitcoin training videos put together by Chris Dunn himself.

The main purpose of the included training videos is to first help you understand bitcoin (if you don’t already) and then teach you exactly how you can get started making money with bitcoin, regardless of the current day to day price.

Here is a brief breakdown of the provided training videos and what you will learn:

Part 1: Bitcoin Basics

  • Video 1: Welcome Video – In this video Chris introduces you to his “revolutionary bitcoin profits training program” and gives you the low down regarding what exactly you’ll learn and how the program is setup.
  • Video 2: Bitcoin Explained for Beginners – In this 23 min. video Chris gives one of the best foundational explanations of bitcoin and the technology behind it that I’ve ever heard. If you currently lack understanding of how exactly bitcoin works or why people are flocking to it… this is the video for you. Although the video is titled “Bitcoin for Beginners”, chances are even if you already have substantial knowledge of bitcoin, you will more than likely learn something new from this video.
  • Video 3: Bitcoin Wallets – In this third video Chris teaches you exactly how to get started with bitcoin by opening a wallet. There are four main formats of bitcoin wallets; Software Wallets, Cloud Hosted Wallets, Mobile Wallets and Paper Wallets. Chris discusses each individually and points out key PROS and CONS of each option.
  • Video 4: Coinbase Tutorial – Here Chris walks you through the process of how to acquire your first bitcoin(s) safely and securely using a service called Coinbase.
  • Video 5: Bitcoin Exchanges – In this video Chris talks in depth about the; different bitcoin exchanges, buying and selling bitcoin using these exchanges, avoiding risky exchanges and more.
  • Video 6: How to Make Money Trading Bitcoin – In this sixth video, Chris discusses the process of “how to make money trading bitcoin” and why most people are doing it completely wrong.
  • Video 7: Bitcoin ATMs – In this video Chris discusses the development of Bitcoin ATMs, and provides you with a couple resources just in case you are interested in starting your own bitcoin atm business.
  • Video 8: Risks of Bitcoin – An educational video on the subject of potential bitcoin risks & threats. Avoid being conned in this “wild west like market”. Learn what risks could potentially face the overall bitcoin environment and protocol.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Review

Part 2: Bitcoin Trading Foundation

While Part 1 of the training course is all about helping you get started with bitcoin, Part 2 of the course is all about teaching you exactly how to make the big bucks with bitcoin.

Part 2 consisting of a 10 part video series teaches you exactly how to make money trading bitcoin. At first the concept of “trading” may sound apprehensive however fear not as Chris teaches you exactly “how to play it to win” with the odds in your favor.

Chris “spills the can of beans” on exactly how he is making killer returns by simply making occasional bitcoin trades. Chris takes you step by step through the process of how he has setup several epic bitcoin trading positions over the past year for quick huge ROI gains.

Best of all…You will learn how to profit big from bitcoin regardless of whether the price is going up or down. Contrary to popular opinion… you can make money just as easily (if not easier) when the price of bitcoin is falling than rising. The strategy of how to short bitcoin temporarily for exponential gains is explained in great depth within this section of the training program.

Part 3: Bonus Content

In Part 3 of the course you will gain access to two very education videos on the topics of;

– Accepting Bitcoin for Payment at your Business
– Alt-Coins – Should you Invest?

The first video “Accepting Bitcoin for Payment at your Business” as the title suggests is all about teaching business owners how they can easily begin accepting bitcoin for payment. Most business owners don’t currently know this however there are ways that you can set things up so that you can accept bitcoin as payment and then have those funds converted back to the traditional currency of your choice such as Dollars, Euros or Yen instantly… without having to speculate on the price of bitcoin.

The second video “Alt-Coins – Should you Invest” provides viewers with an overview of the ALT-COIN industry/market (bitcoin alternatives). Here you will learn the “truth” about this market and how to avoid many of the scams that occur with these lesser known, smaller marketcap cryptocurrencies.

Product Upsell: Insider’s Circle, Bitcoin Trading Mastery

Once you purchase the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Training Program you will be given access to a single upsell offer, which gives you the opportunity to join an exclusive “Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Insider’s Club”.

If you decide to jump in on this additional offer, you will be given access to a very exclusive “Insider’s Club” in which Chris Dunn will be personally revealing to you the exact bitcoin trades he makes in real time.

This offer seems to perfectly complement the initial Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Training Program.

Why try and predict the Bitcoin market by yourself? When you can have an expert trader who has made millions… make the predictions for you?

That stated… The Insider’s Club offer is a complete no brainer in my opinion and is easily worth 10x the price that it is being offered at.

Another bonus of joining is that you gain access to an additional series of videos on Mastering Bitcoin trading for profit, which is cool.

If interested… do be sure to hop on this offer right away, as you won’t be given another opportunity to join.

Embarrassingly enough, I had to personally purchase the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Product twice just so I could gain access to this Insider’s Club, as I dumbly enough choose not to purchase it right away. :D

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance – PROS & CONS

After completing the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Trading Program myself… I’ve come up with the following list of program PROS and CONS:


– Created by Successful Investor Chris Dunn
– Teaches you Exactly How to Start Making Money with Bitcoin
– Provides Real Life Trading Success Examples
– Very Low Price compared to Similar Products
– Scalable Money Making System
– Easy to Understand
– Well Organized


– Time Limited Offer – if you don’t join now you might miss out altogether
– Start Up Costs – although there is no minimum cost to get started making money with this system, if you aren’t willing to invest at least a couple hundred bucks into this don’t expect to make much money. That stated… if you have less than that, you can still join and gain valuable experience for when you have more money in the future.

Product Rating

After going through the training program completely… I give Bitcoin Wealth Alliance a 5/5 STAR RATING.

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Rating

Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Bonuses

In order to make the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Training Program even more of a bargain… I have decided to assemble an exclusive product bonus package.

To learn more about the awesome Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Bonus Package I have assembled and how you can gain access to it…

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Honestly… the value of the bonus package is easily worth more than the price of the product itself.


If you are interested in learning how to make money with Bitcoin, you need to grab a copy of the Bitcoin Wealth Alliance Training Program, plain and simple.

The product is awesome. You get a great teacher. The price is affordable. You get an awesome bonus package from me.